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One summer in northern Virginia, a man wrote a novel. This novel appeared in bookstores and gas stations, groceries and street vendor book fairs. This author appeared in magazines, newspapers, and on national television in an exclusive interview. He met with his public relations team and developed sound strategies for gaining greater exposure.

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His wife was unable to read the book, because it was written in another language, and the promotions took place in another country.

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The author researched ways to bring his book into the hands of his wife, a bibliophile. He threw aside his concern for convention, wrote his book in his second language, and published his book in her first language using a service that would break no contractual bounds and allow her to hold the book in her hands. She read it and loved every single part of it: the concept, the characters, the intrigue.

She was his audience of one, though others have since purchased and read the novel.


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