Book Coaching

Simeris Alliance offers a unique blend of book coaching, beta-reading, critiquing, and line edits for your manuscript.

Because everyone has a story to tell, Simeris Alliance has staff willing to help direct, instruct, and train an author toward a mutual goal: finishing a book, landing an agent, receiving a publishing contract, or self-publishing.

Our coaches and editors are industry editors, agents, and published authors who have worked with a variety of authors and who are deeply embedded in the industry’s current trends. They are active on social media and understand concepts and qualities needed in a book to launch a debut career as well as maintain an established author’s fan base.

Our process is to have our editors comb through your manuscript and provide considerate, thoughtful, thorough track changes in order to provide you with the cleanest manuscript for publication.

Track changes will include comments regarding:

  • Ideas – Each scene should have clear, concise ideas with focus that help drive the story forward
  • Voice – Each scene should be as active (not passive) as possible
  • Word Choice – Each page should use a variety of words matching the specific POV, and repetitive words should be avoided when applicable
  • Conventions – Each sentence should correctly demonstrate the author’s comprehension of grammar, punctuation, and spelling when applicable

* Editors will not adjust dialog, as phrasing or spelling for pronunciation may be relevant to that character’s speech patterns, but editors will point out when dialog feels stilted or awkward.

* Critiquing is often subjective, and it is up to the author to decide which comments to use and which to consider or ignore.

* Editorial services are non-refundable.

It is an exciting time to be part of the publishing industry, and whether you’re writing for an audience of one or an audience of one million, Simeris Alliance wants to help you succeed.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please fill out the contact form, and someone from our staff will respond to your inquiry.